My name is Gérard Schiro, my family had practiced beekeeping since 1950, near Pyrénées mountains at Tarbes, Occitanie region, France. We are passionate and very committed to this business. We can not do this job without passion. Quality begins with the respect of bees and then leads to the quality of the products. Historically, we raise our bees for honey production because bees never feel as good as in a flowery environment rich in natural resources. Our production sectors are located in the southwest of France, in the plains and hillsides of Bigorre, mainly in the triangle Tarbes, Lourdes, Bagneres de Bigorre, but also in Altitude, in the Hight-Pyrénées, close to Tourmalet pass, at the top of hautacam, in front of Argelès Gazost, near the peyresourde pass where our apiary has been visited several times by the bear Goiat in 2017. My father has also regularly placed his hives in the Landes forest and in the hills of Gers, in Gascogne. We also have plenty of time for exchange and meeting with our neighbors or world colleagues and friends. It's always rewarding to share with peers. It is an additional privilege brought by the Bees, our exchanges are easy because we have a common passion. That's why we recently decided to create a complementary line (La gamme blanche) with honeys from other regions or countries. These honeys come from beekeepers whose practice and know-how I know. Be convinced that in our shop you can enjoy all the benefits of honey, a 100% natural product developed for several million years by the Honey Bee from the nectar of natural flowers or plants secretions.

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    Ling heather honey from the Pyrenees is very flavoured and textured specific. It is a mono floral honey which provides it with its unique, strong full bodied flavour. It is the "Rolls Royce of honey!"

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    High Pyrenees' honey is collected from wild flowers of the Pyrenees' highlands. Rhododendrons, raspberry bushes, hypocrepis, rock roses and other blossoms give it a very original flowery flavour.

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    Pyrenees' honey is collected in the Pyrenees' foothills. Flavours from chestnut trees, brambles and other wild flower nectars give it its pungent taste.

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    Lime tree honey from the Pyrenees is collected in the Pyrenean valleys. It combines a strong taste with a fresh flavour and has an intense caracter.

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    Wild flower honey is collected from many flowers in the South West of France such as sunflowers, brambles, chestnut trees, wild cherry trees, dandelions and hawthorns. Is is light in colour with a soft mellow taste.

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