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    Ling heather honey from the Pyrenees is very flavoured and textured specific. It is a mono floral honey which provides it with its unique, strong full bodied flavour. It is the "Rolls Royce of honey!"

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    High Pyrenees' honey is collected from wild flowers of the Pyrenees' highlands. Rhododendrons, raspberry bushes, hypocrepis, rock roses and other blossoms give it a very original flowery flavour.

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    Chestnut tree pollen from the Pyrenees125gr or 175gr (4.41oz or 6.17oz)

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    Pyrenees' honey is collected in the Pyrenees' foothills. Flavours from chestnut trees, brambles and other wild flower nectars give it its pungent taste.

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    Wild flower honey is collected from many flowers in the South West of France such as sunflowers, brambles, chestnut trees, wild cherry trees, dandelions and hawthorns. Is is light in colour with a soft mellow taste.

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      Gérard Schiro is an artisanal producer of honey based in Tarbes, at the foot of the Pyrenean Mountains. He took over his parents’ bee exploitation in the 1980s and now has over 600 hives in various parts of the South of France, which allows him to collect flavoured and scented nectars from various blossoms. 



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